Friday, April 17, 2009

Keeping tabs on The Haunted Mansions

I like to keep tabs on artists I was fortunate to encounter in my work on this blog. It enables a wider perspective of how the artist works and develops and how the sound evolves or in some unfortunate cases stops. In the case of The Haunted Mansions, the developments are all positive.

A 3 piece indie psychedelics/freak folk from the North West, I stumbled upon them about 3 months ago (post). In the meantime they've started working on a new album, which at least as the first single from it suggests, will not only be a continued evolution of their unique sound, but also promises to be very intriguing.

Check out The Haunted Mansions on MySpace for more tracks and updates. Their new album is being recorded as these lines are written. Can you hear them?

The Haunted Mansions - Oh, Samantha! {MP3} (from the new and untitled album)

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