Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Jeff Zentner's Dying Days of Summer

Jeff Zentner is an enigma for me. He can be fairly easily described as dark folk/indie or alt-country, but perhaps too easily. For one thing, an artist is never a genre, no matter how closely his sound may appear. There is always room for surprises.

These surprises come in all shapes and sizes. For example, in Zentner's new to be released album, The Dying Days of Summer, the fifth track ("Light on the Hills") has a very distinct eastern-Indian feel to it. Other tracks, like "The Weight of Memory" feel like slowed down and hushed rock, even hard rock.

Give this haunting, oddly disturbing enigma a listen. You may be a little depressed at first, but as you go along some pretty interesting and beautiful images will surround you.

Check out Jeff Zentner on MySpace, Facebook and last.fm for additional tracks and updates. His previous album, Hymns to the Darkness, is available on CD Baby and his new album, The Dying Days of Summer, is expected to be released this spring.

Jeff Zentner - If this is to be Goodbye {MP3} (from The Dying Days of Summer)
Jeff Zentner - Your Siren Song {MP3} (from The Dying Days of Summer)

I'm also re-posting Kim Janssen's "The Wages of an Easy Life" due to some unknown problems in its encoding. The original post is here.

Kim Janssen - The Wages of an Easy Life {MP3} (from The Truth is, I am Always Responsible)

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