Monday, April 27, 2009

Come Abscond With Me

The need to get away from it all is strong in me today. I don't care much which way or how, I just want to see and feel the view passing quickly at the corner of my eyes, the gentle rocking of the vehicle; open sky before me. Evidently there's a name for it aside from the usual wanderlust - with the good music to accompany it.

"Abscondo", according to his blog, comes from "abscond", meaning "to run away, usually taking something or someone along". Originally from Seattle and true to his moniker, he's traveled himself, perhaps running from or towards something, finally settling in Slovakia to create music. He is also half of the indie duo Sungod Abscondo.

Check out Abscondo on his official site (for a free download of his latest LP, Stages) and You can also download many other tracks here.

Abscondo - Strangled Into Gray {MP3} (from Midnight Snow)
Abscondo - Tattoo Angel {MP3} (from Midnight Snow)
Abscondo - Midnight Snow {MP3} (from Midnight Snow)

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