Saturday, April 25, 2009

Needs And What We Deserve

What do we really need in our lives? Why do we feel that we need it? Do we really deserve receiving our wishes? At what cost, to ourselves and to others? The questions are endless, especially as they touch upon every aspect of life, from relationships to diet, politics and the environment. How do we tackle them?

Let's start with a response from The March Greens, a Leeds, UK band formed around singer-songwriter Spencer Bayles (formerly of Last Night's TV). It is a very human, warm and calm approach which, like any good song, leaves room for more questions and a taste for more. I wrote about Last Night's TV in the past, and I'm glad to hear its former members continue to produce music.

Check out The March Greens on the official site, MySpace, and Facebook for more tracks and updates. The debut EP, You Shall Go to the Ball, is available on Amazon.

The March Greens - You Don't Need It Or Deserve It (from You Shall Go to the Ball EP)

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