Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Where Do The Colours Run?

The relationships that bind us together make up a lot of our lives. However near or far physically, our rope burns arising from friction (or lack of) are an important part of that as well. But there's always a bind, a tether to keep us falling through the storms, each with its own facets and ambiguities.

Colours Run, a Manchester, UK indie rock/pop band, wrote a song about such a tether. So, whether it's a twisted, braided or hair-thin cord, it seems best to keep it knot free and close by.

Check out Colours Run on MySpace and for more tracks and info. Get their EP, The Sticks, on iTunes or CD Babay.

Colours Run - Tethers (Doghouse Demo) {MP3}


carre said...

ike the way you put it.

Oded said...