Thursday, August 31, 2006

Day at the office

A steely gaze
Of deep cobalt blue
Reflected far
Across the window
Next building
Or next door.

I stare,
Somewhat teary-eyed
At the dust
Covering the silent monitor
Lounging next to me
Atop this table.

This does not go well,
I think;
I enter the ever falling
Ever flowing state
My mind is so akin to,
So reluctant.

Another song, my player,
Another line of code;
Another minute squandered
Under the Legionella covered air vent
I pray will open and resuscitate us
And then we go home.

Monday, August 28, 2006


Something about the here and now
That aches and screams
In melodious silence;
Something that tears at your heart
Like the daily chicken liver.

Something you've missed,
Something you long for;
Something untold in less
Than perfect tact on the
Soccer field.

You try.
You fail.

There's something else,
You realize.
Something beyond,
Something within;
Something left out.

You finally answer
The uncalled for question
That looms all around:
Yes, it is I.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

New poem

Hi, here's something I wrote today (slow day at work so far... :-) )

The Golden Dragon

The golden dragon laid an egg
then left it unafraid.
a warm nest in which to keep
the baby giant there to sleep.

the golden dragon broke the skin
the egg was shattered, broken at the hinge.
a child play born,
bouquet of golden flowers was adorned.

the golden dragon drew its breath
the world he sought high from its cleft.
young and dashing and ablaze
to smite all evil was the phrase.

the golden dragon counts its days
counts and mourns while she's away.
bringing food to the nurslings
atop the ever familiar landscapes.

the golden dragon turneth sage
its youngling gone and he's with age.
its treasure he values beyond count
she is there with him under the mount.

the golden dragon has its horde
in gold and jewels and goddess know
let us slay the wanting monster
crack it open like a lobster.
we, men, know best
and to hell with all the rest.

A golden dragon was there once
the legends say and prance
but now the glory lies aground
beneath our charcoaled town.

I could not resist and nod sadly
hovering above the chasm.

Monday, August 14, 2006

New Piece

Hi, wrote this ditzy one today...

Ho, little talons,
How you rapture my soul.
You purr on my bed,
Cry at my pillow.
We share our lunch
And our supper,
Eating in our newly
Painted kitchen.

O, whisky talons,
How you capture me whole.
Without you I'm dead,
And the curtains will billow.
How can I threaten to punch
The Persian flapper?
Mewing oh so fully
Yet barely reaching.

Lo, tiny talons,
I bleed again and I'm sore.
You make me so mad,
Deflecting my mirror.
My iPod and such
Will not compare to your dapper.
Just trying to pet you, truly!
I remain alone and itching.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Not so amusing anymore

Ok, well, I certainly didn't expect this on my weekend... Another siren and this we could actually hear the rockets falling not so far from us. Still trying to take it easy, as much as I can.

War Sucks

Well, I've just experienced my first siren of this little war... I went to my parents up north for the weekend and though they are fairly far from the front lines, there it was... We're ok and it doesn't look like any of the rockets fell near but it's still a most disturbing sensation...
We'll be alright :-)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The In Between

And so, things are a bit slow at work right now and I'm continuing my recovery from the whole war minor stress thing (recognizing, once again, that there some people who are way worse off than men). In fact, it's so slow I've had time to discover and enjoy some comics! So here it is, my recommendation of the day: The Order of the Stick. Although it will probably be more understood by role playing games people (such as AD&D), I'm sure a lot more people can enjoy the smart and funny plot and characters. I've added a link in the links area so check it out.