Monday, July 17, 2006

So here, in between wailing sirens and falling rockets, is another musical recommendation: I Am Kloot. Check them out, especially "The Same Deep Water As Me", one of the most beautiful and haunting songs I've heard in recent years. Here's their song, "Proof".

Thursday, July 13, 2006


So it's war again, is it? "All that running around, shooting at each other". What do I feel about it? What do I think about it? There's definitely anxiety, but that's nothing special. It is perhaps a bit more directed, more concrete, more real somehow,
even though we're more than enough miles away. I guess it's not just the distance factor that weighs in. It's also concern for others well-being and safety. Strange that it should come after the initial anxiety, though I suspect it's all mixed together.
There's also a great desire to be somewhere far away from here. This feeling isn't rooted in fear; its origin is in disdain, frustration and getting sick and tired of the situation. There's also anger, multiplied and enhanced, again, by frustration and fear against the enemy. This enemy has a face, unlike many others, and it also seem most deserving of our hate.
When does terror become war? Where do you draw the line? Who draws the line for you? I loath every aspect of this conflict. War is hell, even when it is necessary.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Not too sure about this one

where as to live
quiet in the moonlight
walking under trees
gasping for air
joyous in the grass
forsaken in the sun
creeping silently
moving to the edge
consciousness a blur
disco king inferno
quietly, quietly
dragonfly on the lily
water and pond.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Something New

It's been a long while, too long a while and I've gotten a bit rusty, but I wrote something yesterday and it's dedicated to you, H. :

and there was this girl,
you see,
with a light green sweather
and deep grey eyes
and a smile.
a smile.

I remember the chocolate
bitter in our mouths
next to an unsung kiss.
her hand waving on the bus.
on the bus.

and eons gone by
the forests recede;
with the love that had died
came all I had feared.

consequences flee;
my reason is shattered
by the deep grey
of her eyes.
of her eyes.