Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Quick Look: Squirrelhouse

Tuscaloosa, Alabama may be best known for being the home of the University of Alabama (and a rather un-PC Groucho Marx joke), but it's also the base for indie rock band Squirrelhouse.

A very diverse group of five young members (dual guitars, bass, drums, vocals and French horn), each coming from a different musical and artistic background, the sound they produce also changes. While the poppy hooks on "Fours" are quite discernible, other tracks, such as "Monster pt. 1" and "Monster pt. 2" from the next album (still being worked on) show a leaning toward more progressive and post-rock styles. Other way, it'll be interesting to see how this band continues to develop its unique sound.

Check out Squirrelhouse on MySpace for gigs and other updates. Get their debut LP S.P.Q.R. on CD Baby.

Squirrelhouse - Fours {MP3} (from S.P.Q.R.)
Squirrelhouse - Monster pt. 1 {MP3}

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Song of the Morning: Nearly Home

I owe my acquaintance with Broken Records to a wonderful international and inter-blogosphere project called Music Alliance Pact (MAP). It includes the participation of about 22 blogs from 22 different countries, each presenting up and coming artists from their own home turf. I first found out about it in the great "I Guess I'm Floating" and "The Pop Cop" blogs, who represent the US and Scotland respectively (you can keep tabs on the monthly editions of the project there).

Broken Records itself is an Edinburgh based seven-piece indie rock band. The band is currently working on its debut LP, after creating at least 18 beautiful songs (I guess the hard part would be deciding which songs to leave for the next album).

While I can try to characterize their music as rock, folk-rock, alt-country and many things in between, I'd rather just shut up and let the music speak for itself. When the crescendos thunder and crash on "Nearly Home", you'll understand why for yourself.

Check out Broken Records on MySpace and for more streamable tracks and gig info. Get an EP on iTunes and join the count down for the official release of the debut LP this summer.

Broken Records - Nearly Home {MP3}

Edit: Oops! The songs below, though good, aren't from the Edinburgh band but from a Swedish band by the same name. Thanks to the Pop Cop for correcting me. Check the Swedish group on its official site and MySpace for more details.
Broken Records - Betterman {MP3}
Broken Records - Anne {MP3}
Broken Records - Looking for the Dead {MP3}
Broken Records - Nearby Hills {MP3}

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Featured Artist(s): The Steps

Coming from one of the most creativity exploding cities in the US, Austin's indie rock band The Steps has a lot to draw on. Creating fast paced, crunchy and powerful songs, they reveal some of their Stooges vs. early rock-blues vs. Lou Reed influences (with some similarity to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club), but underneath it all it's all real.

Standout tracks in their debut LP The Steps like "Pull the Chord" or "Dagger" will hook you quickly in raw, fast, almost vintage quality rock, making you wonder for a second if this is still the 00's in America. It is. Somehow these four young men know how to rock.

Check out The Steps on MySpace, Facebook, their tour blog and on the coming SXSW Music Festival in Austin (March 19th). They will also be performing at Pangea (March 5th) and the Pecan Street Festival (May 2nd), both also in Austin.

The Steps - Pull the Chord {MP3} (from The Steps on iTunes)
The Steps - Dagger {MP3} (from The Steps on iTunes)

Bonus: The Steps - Dagger (video channel on Youtube)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Featured Artist(s): The O'Darling

This winter did not really feel like a winter should: cold, stormy, lots of rain or even a little bit of snow. Instead, this arid land experienced the usual bouts of disappointments, dragging feet (and foes) through the mud and the occasional stray droplets now and again. Am I still talking about the weather?

Fortunately, these past few days were wintry enough to properly go with the warm exuberance that is The O'Darling. Coming from all over in blessed Canada (currently based in Toronto), the six diverse members of the band create a fuzzy encompassing atmosphere that is both intelligent and emotional. The jazzy river they traverse is filled with folksy, alt-country and poppy inlets, reminiscent somewhat of Over the Rhine, but definitely original and unique in nature.

The songs in this post come from their 2007 debut EP, The Nice EP, used as a demo. But it is much more than a demo and much, much more than nice. It's simply great.

Check out The O'Darling on MySpace and Facebook for gigs and other musical updates. Brace yourselves for their first official LP release coming soon in spring/summer 2009.

The O'Darling - Bubble {MP3} (from The Nice EP)
The O'Darling - Mooncat {MP3} (from The Nice EP)

Correcting an Oversight: The Voom Blooms

While correcting the mishap with milady Claire Cronin's MP3s in the previous post, I've noticed that the same thing happened with the UK's The Voom Blooms (my original post is here).
So, here is their single from their latest LP, Nine Ships, re-posted in proper MP3 format. Sorry about the mess.

The Voom Blooms - Nine Ships {MP3} (from Nine Ships)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Featured Artist(s): Claire Cronin

Claire Cronin is the love I've been waiting for all my life - yet on some other remote universe. I can see her walking the busy yet abandoned streets of Los Angeles, floating in her own world of magic, art and beauty. She knows pain and sadness, and when she sings or paints it you share it too, but are also somehow comforted.

For Claire knows the secrets of the Wolf Meditations and the life imbued Folk Magic and though she seems to walk in this world, she dreams of another; a better, gentler world.

In a way, she is like Cohen's Suzanne, leading you hand in hand through the rim connecting the worlds, on the vast reaches between Halloween night and those eerie first moments when you wake up from a dreamy sleep. Sharing the magic but subtly hinting that you have to love your own life, find your own path in it. Ultimately, you will never meet.

Check out Claire Cronin and her beautiful art on her website and MySpace for gig updates and a peek into a darker life. Buy her debut LP here.

Claire Cronin - Ballad for Old Decorations {MP3} (from New Emotional)
Claire Cronin - From the Wreathes on the Cars {MP3} (from New Emotional)
Claire Cronin - Poses Park {MP3} (from New Emotional)

This is a re-post due to some problems with the MP3s. Sorry.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Quick Look: Nalband

Coming from Somerville, Massachusetts, indie rock group Nalband is working on its first EP. What they have so far (in demo) is pretty good and leaves a taste for more. The EP is due out in the next few months (barring any additional bicycle accidents on the side of certain band members). Give 'em a try and look for them if you're in the Boston area.

Check out Nalband on MySpace, their not too updated website and for further details and tracks.

Nalband - Always Assuming {MP3}
Nalband - Tempest {MP3}
Nalband - If You Use Me {MP3}

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Song of the Morning: Shape Changing Sky

Is God fallible? Can God create a rock so heavy even he cannot pick up? According to the modern version of this ancient wondering, the answer is yes. The answer lies, as with many other things according to everyday capitalism, in money. More specifically, in how money is produced.

For example, the American coins are produced by a single agency (The United States Mint) in a very specific process. Theoretically, though God can conceivably create a second replica coin, it would still be considered fake, even though it would be virtually identical to the original one. So in essence, God can't create "real" money (never mind the church's collection plates). This is supposedly an atheistic argument, as it follows that God is not all powerful as is classically described.

To counter this, theologians might argue that since God has created the world and with it metals and man who enjoys toying with them, he also created (by proxy or as some would term 'inadvertently') the coin and therefore in some sort of a bizarre way there can be no forgery of coins (as they are all the work of God). This might be well received among certain elements in the criminal world, but would be a bit more difficult to grasp by most.

This illustrates what I think the real problem as far as God is concerned: not whether God exists, but how do you define God. After all, how can you agree or disagree about the existence of God, let alone trying to reach any conclusion, without knowing or making a conjecture as to what God is (and isn't). This opens a lot of questions, such as can you actually define God (or anything at all, for that matter), what qualities should God have and what he/she shouldn't, can God be actually addressed in regular human expressions ("he"/"she"/"they") and so on.

As an agnostic, I think the questions may be more important than reaching any 'definitive' answer. Because in questioning God, we also question ourselves, and as far as biology, art, politics, physics, philosophy, psychology and a host of other fields of knowledge suggest, we are no where near an answer. We merely try to ask the 'right' questions.

A similar sense of wonderment, I think, exists in music and its enjoyment. So this post's song comes from Vancouver, Canada's indie singer-songwriter Aaron Cadwaladr, with his own beautiful musings.

Check out Aaron Cadwaladr on his website and MySpace for more info and updates. Buy his debut LP here or on iTunes.

Aaron Cadwaladr - Shape Changing Sky {MP3} (from Shape Changing Sky)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Featured Artist(s): Tom Kerswill

It's back to work as usual; the salt mines will not mine themselves after all. So I wanted to go back to basics for a bit, trying to remember what music was there for me the last time I've had a major job related crisis.

His name is Tom Kerswill, an indie singer-songwriter based in Manchester, the UK. A few years back I discovered his music on MySpace and I think it helped me evolve my musical taste and repertoire, which was far more limited back then. Both of us have moved on since, and Tom's latest EP, Flowers, Fevers and Dreams, was released on October 2008 and is available for stream and download on

Tom's mellow and yet uplifting melodies joined with intelligent lyrics provide a welcome respite from the day's woes.

Check out Tom Kerswill on his website (including gigs and songs information and helpful tips for indie musicians), MySpace and pages for more updates. Buy his EPs here.

Tom Kerswill - My Mind's Eye {MP3}
Tom Kerswill - Gravity {MP3}
Tom Kerswill - Lullaby {MP3}
Tom Kerswill - Always Be There {MP3}

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Something(s) to look forward to

Great news: I got un-fired! Thanks to some clandestine arm wrestling and a substantial pay cut, I got to keep my job. This is good considering the current economic conditions and whilst this job is far from perfect, it can serve as a haven in times like these.

These past few days are proving a bit disorienting as I find myself making plans and changing headings with the ebbing of the (economic) tides; on Sunday I got fired, on Monday I was given a chance and today I was finally saved. All in all, it has been a positive and invigorating experience, especially considering the results.

Additional good news come from two of my favorite artists. Amit Erez, the up and coming indie singer-songwriter, is set to begin work on a new record (finally!). Next, Julian Velard, now touring heavily across the UK, has recently launched a new video and continues to make an impact.

Check out Julian Velard on his amazing website, MySpace, Facebook (don't miss his Once upon a time in the West v-log videos) and Be sure to check out his new video here. Buy his albums on Amazon, iTunes or CDBaby.
Check out Amit Erez on MySpace, and Facebook. Buy his albums on Amazon or iTunes.

This post's songs are in the spirit of the last few days and will be shared for a limited time only.
Julian Velard - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (Work to do) (from Nitetime) check on iTunes
Amit Erez - Clever and Strong (live) (from Amit Erez)

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Next Day: Kay Pettigrew

Losing a job is more than just missing out a paycheck or two. It's about changing life's routines and habits, meeting new people and making friends, learning new skills and abilities and trying to form the new daily rituals that accompany the everyday existence. It's a lot of changes and adjustments, from being employed to unemployed and (hopefully ASAP) employed again.

So it's no wonder there's a feeling of trying to hold on to the familiar, perhaps even dig in some past remnants to remind yourself of "the good old days". Keeping that in mind, I was glad to have run into an unusual folksy-almost nostalgic-and-yet-somehow-sad cover of the theme song from "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" last night.

The performer is Toronto's indie singer-songwriter Kay Pettigrew. She was able to bring a smile to my face and her repertoire appears to have the capability of having an even greater impact.

Check out Kay Pettigrew on MySpace and for updates.

Kay Pettigrew - Fresh ("Fresh Prince of Bel Air" cover)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Featured Artist(s): The Rest

So, I got fired today; I guess there really is an economical depression... I'm still in a state of denial, of course, as I don't want to think of a load of issues: how to get a new job, what I actually learned from the old job, was I really happy there, leaving friends behind, tending to my injured ego and much, much more that I don't think about right now. I spent almost 3 years there, which turned out to be a significant period in my life.

Moving on. I planned to write a great review for Hamilton, Ontario's indie rock group The Rest coming sophomore LP, Everyone All At Once. Surely such a great and unique work would require my best efforts. After all, the group is drawing comparisons and being heralded as heir to such mighty bands as Arcade Fire (though I thought they reminded me of the Shins in their good days). Alas, I seem to have been temporarily been knocked out of air and inspiration. Well, perhaps not without inspiration - the album has many exciting moments, stories and images. It's I who's a little fuzzy right now.

I'm sorry if I'm not coherent enough at the moment; it may pass soon (into the clarity of despair, but let's not go there just yet). Give The Rest a listen, they won't disappoint you. And if you happen to know of a job opening...

Check out The Rest on MySpace, and their not too ready website for streamable tracks and updates. The new LP, Everyone All At Once, should be out any day now.

The Rest - Apples & Allergies {MP3} (from Everyone All At Once)
The Rest - Modern Time Travel (necessities) {MP3} (from Everyone All At Once)

Bonus: The Rest - Modern Time Travel (necessities) (Live)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Darwin Day

One thing leads to another,
The joke long foretold so presumed;
The grandest design is no bother,
Or the mutated truth so assumed;
Tradition, religion directed to smother,
Progenitor hidden yet loomed;
The court then denied it and rather
Would have poor Charlie exhumed.

Happy Darwin Day!

As a treat to cover the horrible thing scribbled above, here's an interesting article in The New York Times to better convey the appreciation to Darwin and on the musical side, here's someone of more artistic worth. Check out Nashville, Tennessee's indie singer-songwriter Emily Harris on MySpace and for more tracks and updates.

Emily Harris - Living in Moscow {MP3} (from Elephant Angelfish the Musical)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Featured Artist(s): Finn Daniel

The raging and what seemed important at the time flurry of the elections yesterday has left an acrid taste in my mouth. Fortunately, I can turn to music for some comfort, inspiration and even, dare I say it, hope.

In particular, my recent acquaintance with a young British indie singer-songwriter by the name of Finn Daniel, played a significant role in alleviating some of my more sombre politics-induced (and depressive) moods. It also helped me re-appreciate the simple and honest things in my life, those which will be with me till the end of days.

Writing deeply personal songs that manage to reach out and touch people from miles away (or, for those lucky, from across the stage), Finn established his own label (Stickman Records) and released his debut EP Settle in 2008.

On the recent elections I followed my conscience, a simple and honest thing. On that note, I can just as easily recommend Finn's work.

Check out Finn Daniel on his personal website and MySpace for more tracks and updates. Buy his EP here.

Finn Daniel - If I Got Good {MP3} (from Settle)
Finn Daniel - An Occasion {MP3} (from Settle)

Bonus: Finn Daniel - Not All There video

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Choices: Elections Day

I took a train early this stormy morning so I could go to my northern home town to vote. Elections are supposed to be held every four years, but in this particularly unstable country it seems like it's every two years or so.

These elections were (and still are, even after my vote) difficult to make a good choice in. Every candidate seems worse than the next one, but that's hardly new. Perhaps it's the endless stream of hatred, division and promises of doom that each contender spews forth that's so repugnant. But again, nothing new there either.

Perhaps this is the sobering up phase of life, when you realize that apart from very rare cases politicians will always let you down, will never keep their promises and will excel only in self preservation and the gathering of wealth via corruption. So why vote? Some people don't bother. I still do.

On the way back, listening to Shearwater's Rook on the train, I felt for a few minutes as though we were the only people left alive in the aftermath of some cataclysm. The passing terrain, forlorn and occasionally almost green, whisked sideways as the weight of my vote slowly dissipated. The apocalyptic verses of "Rooks" sang in my ears of the coming fall of the world of man, while I reminded myself that it's OK, it's not yet the end of the world. After all, the next elections will probably be held in just another couple of years.

Music and art allow the ideal. Such is Over the Rhine's "If a Song Could Be President". I think there are far worse candidates for the positions of senator and ambassador than Neil Young and Emmylou Harris. I know; I probably voted for a few of them today.

Check out Over the Rhine on their official site, MySpace and pages for additional updates and music.

Over the Rhine - If a Song Could Be President {MP3} (from The Trumpet Child)
Over the Rhine - Entertaining Thoughts {MP3} (from The Trumpet Child)

Monday, February 09, 2009

Featured Artist(s): RuRu

Coming from what may be the pseudo town of Chadwell, Utah, Issac Russell, working under the moniker of RuRu, is a living breath of fresh air in a sometimes musty world.

I like to get hooked by music without realizing it; to hum along or suddenly find myself thinking about the lyrics and wonder their meaning and how do I relate to them (and them to me). I was definitely caught off guard in this case. After all this talk of truth and beauty in my studies, simple honesty can still speak louder and have a profound effect.

It's not just standout tracks like "House of Cards" and "Elizabeth"; it's in the unusual tracks like "Bark at Ghosts" or even "Story to Read" that a hidden potential for even much more is revealed. Though the vocal and overall style may be different (think of a young Ryan Adams), these made me think of an early Bright Eyes.

RuRu's debut album, Elizabeth, was produced by Joshua James and McKay Stevens and released on June 2008.

Check out RuRu on MySpace and for more streamable tracks, gig dates and updates. Buy his LP here or on iTunes.

RuRu - House of Cards {MP3} (from Elizabeth)
RuRu - Elizabeth {MP3} (from Elizabeth)

Bonus: RuRu Live video

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Choices: The Schopenhauer Cure

My next item on the reading list was "The Schopenhauer Cure" by Irvin Yalom. Aside from a Psych text book here or there I haven't read any of Yalom's literary work thus far (and I probably should). This is also the case with Schopenhauer, a 19th century German philosopher, the absent but very dominant character and force throughout the book.

In short, the book tells the story of an aging psychiatrist, focusing on his final year of leading a relationships working therapy group, as he is slowly dying from cancer. He introduces a new participant to the group, a former patient (or is it client?) that while under his care failed to show any improvement in his sex addiction, but now claims he's been cured by the philosophical insights of Schopenhauer.

The real crux of the tale, I think, is the desired nature of relationships, if one exists. According to Philip, the new participant in the group, life is full of suffering and pain, and similarly to Buddhist thought, some of these hurts are born out of attachments (such as relationships). Therefore, one has to cultivate himself and withdraw from life, living as an observer without taking an active part of life (as it will only lead to more pain).

Opposite of this misanthropic view (of philosophy), Yalom places psychology, almost horrified at the idea of the normal view of man's relations to himself and those around him would be challenged. But such a challenge does take place (to Yalom's credit), even if very subtly and in a somewhat watered down and biased way. While the obvious engineered outcome is clear from the start, there are some moments of hesitations and doubt, enriching the psychological starting point view with new perspectives, for those willing to listen and learn.

This post's songs are about the quest for a cure, from all sorts of pains and ailments. The first is from avant-garde jazz band The Bad Plus, and the other is from indie rock band Dawn Chorus. Both tracks will be hosted for a very limited time and are intended for an introductory purpose only.

Check out The Bad Plus on their website, blog, MySpace and pages. Buy their album here.
Also give Dawn Chorus a listen on their MySpace and pages.

The Bad Plus - Radio Cure {MP3} (from For All I Care, originally by Wilco)
Dawn Chorus - I'm Cured! {MP3} (from Florida St. Serenade)

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Featured Artist(s): Overman

When I first heard the Chicago area indie rock/pop band Overman, I thought about Phish and how they might have started out. Overman seem to have that eternal youthful exuberance and enthusiasm (and plain old fun), keeping a sense of humor while touching on more serious and sometimes dark issues.

Like Phish, they seem to have an openness and an unmediated atmosphere about them, as though they weren't taking themselves too seriously. But checking their gig schedule (past, present and future) and browsing through their personal blogs made me feel they may be more serious about it than one would initially believe.

Interesting that their first 'hit', "Evolution Rocks", would be embraced by the pro-science community in the Evolution vs. "Creationism" debate. Perhaps the scientific community (including certain science teachers I've come to know over the years) is cooler than I thought. Overman Rocks.

Check out Overman on their multi content/media rich site, including lots of videos, gig dates (don't forget Darwin Day on February 12th), band comics (known as Overcomics), personal blogs and much more. Also check their MySpace for more details.

Overman - Move On {MP3} (from The Evolution EP)

Bonus: Overman - Evolution Rocks video (plus an opportunity to meet the guys)

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Song of the Morning: Lady of the Snowline

I've been thinking a lot about Willard Grant Conspiracy at late. I'm not sure why; maybe it's Robert Fisher's deep and weary voice (rightly compared to Cash and Cohen) or perhaps it's the haunting lyrics and melody of "Lady of the Snowline".

You see, the effect of a song isn't measured only by the direct impact it has on you while it's playing. Sometimes, it's in the quiet few seconds (if you're lucky enough to have some peace while listening to music) after the song has ended, that you feel the profound wake of it hitting you.

For that to happen, the song and those behind it, those who through them it is being brought into this world, must have substance, depth and character. Willard Grant Conspiracy has these in abundance. In a way, I feel honored just to listen and thus take part in that special musical experience.

Check out Willard Grant Conspiracy's website, MySpace and pages for more streamable tracks and updates. Buy their albums on Amazon and Loose Music.

Willard Grant Conspiracy - Lady of the Snowline {MP3} (from Let it Roll)
Willard Grant Conspiracy - Crush {MP3} (from Let it Roll)
Willard Grant Conspiracy - Dance With Me {MP3} (from Let it Roll)

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Featured Artist(s): Last Night's TV

It's almost a too obvious truth that there's nothing good to watch on TV these days. Between reality shows, sitcoms, game shows and the agenda filled news (and some particularly nasty and demagogy laden election TV ads these past two weeks), it's easy to understand why the poor tube now specializes in accumulating undisturbed dust.

But it was not always so. There was a time when Last Night's TV, a Leeds, UK indie/slowcore band, was alive and running, creating gentle and comforting music to deflect the outside noise. Alas, the band called it a day in late 2007 after 8 busy years and 4 albums. They are missed.

Check out Last Night's TV's MySpace, and website for additional tracks and info. Buy their records with PayPal on the band's website, under the Music section.

Last Night's TV - From the Top of the Watchtower {MP3} (from Too Much In Doubt)
Last Night's TV - Not Who You Think I Am {MP3} (from Songs From the Silver Screen)
Last Night's TV - Monaco {MP3} (from Local Knowledge)

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Song of the Morning: Mocking Bird

Songs have the ability to haunt us. Whether it is that particular jumpy (and sometimes embarrassing) pop tune that gets into your head (and feet) on a busy bus ride or the repeating crescendo waves of an emotional chorus, it grabs a hold of you.

Songs of the morning offer a special kind of haunting, as they seem to begin in your sleep and dreams. Perhaps driven by the mood of last night, they have a way of leaving their mark on the daily morning rituals.

But some songs can actually haunt you in a spooky way. If it's the lyrics, the melody, the voice whispering in your ears or all of the above, they make you think you need to keep that exorcist's number handy.

Perhaps I'm a little exaggerating; but Brisbane, Australia's singer-songwriter Nathan Hollywood debut LP Red Night Falling certainly has its dark, haunting moments. Hollywood creates an intense amalgam of country, folk, blues and pop, utilizing recording techniques of ages past.
On the right circumstances, it may make you want to take a dusk to dawn horse ride into the Australian bush.

Check out Nathan Hollywood's MySpace, and label pages for more tracks and updates. His debut CD Red Night Falling is also available on Amazon. The following MP3s will be available for a limited time only.

Nathan Hollywood - Mocking Bird {MP3} (from Red Night Falling)
Nathan Hollywood - Pale Mare {MP3} (from Red Night Falling)

Monday, February 02, 2009

Featured Artist(s): Ryan Honeycutt

Ryan Honeycutt is a young indie singer-songwriter from Texas, USA. While my first impression of him was a resemblance to Jason Mraz, he also drew some comparisons to others, including an early John Mayer.

Does he wear his heart on his sleeve? Ryan paints a very emotional picture of relationships, particularly broken ones (give "Different Shade of Blue" a listen). Why is it so easy to empathize with love's pain? Is it our own memories or rather our hopes that connect us with the hurt?

A cynic may be tempted to discount these songs and feelings; and yes, Ryan is at the beginning of the road. But I feel the honesty he shows in the lyrics and presentation defies any such disparagement.

Check out Ryan Honeycutt's and MySpace pages for more streamable tracks and updates.

Ryan Honeycutt - Goodbye {MP3} (from Ryan Honeycutt Unplugged)

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Featured Artist(s): Grapes of Grain

Grapes of Grain are an indie-pop/alt-country band from Utrecht, The Netherlands. While they draw their influences from the likes of Ryan Adams and R.E.M., I can also detect hints of Ben Folds in the air (in a good way).

In a busy, crazy day I'm having today, which bears a too close a similarity to Much ado About Nothing, I was glad to have found their calm, simple sound. I hope you enjoy as well.

Check out Grapes of Grain's official site, MySpace and pages for additional tracks and updates.

Grapes of Grain - Tar on the Streets {MP3} (from It Slowly Fades)
Grapes of Grain - The Biggest Ass {MP3} (from It Slowly Fades)
Grapes of Grain -Long Time Waiting {MP3} (from It Slowly Fades)