Sunday, February 15, 2009

Featured Artist(s): The Rest

So, I got fired today; I guess there really is an economical depression... I'm still in a state of denial, of course, as I don't want to think of a load of issues: how to get a new job, what I actually learned from the old job, was I really happy there, leaving friends behind, tending to my injured ego and much, much more that I don't think about right now. I spent almost 3 years there, which turned out to be a significant period in my life.

Moving on. I planned to write a great review for Hamilton, Ontario's indie rock group The Rest coming sophomore LP, Everyone All At Once. Surely such a great and unique work would require my best efforts. After all, the group is drawing comparisons and being heralded as heir to such mighty bands as Arcade Fire (though I thought they reminded me of the Shins in their good days). Alas, I seem to have been temporarily been knocked out of air and inspiration. Well, perhaps not without inspiration - the album has many exciting moments, stories and images. It's I who's a little fuzzy right now.

I'm sorry if I'm not coherent enough at the moment; it may pass soon (into the clarity of despair, but let's not go there just yet). Give The Rest a listen, they won't disappoint you. And if you happen to know of a job opening...

Check out The Rest on MySpace, and their not too ready website for streamable tracks and updates. The new LP, Everyone All At Once, should be out any day now.

The Rest - Apples & Allergies {MP3} (from Everyone All At Once)
The Rest - Modern Time Travel (necessities) {MP3} (from Everyone All At Once)

Bonus: The Rest - Modern Time Travel (necessities) (Live)

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