Thursday, February 26, 2009

Song of the Morning: Nearly Home

I owe my acquaintance with Broken Records to a wonderful international and inter-blogosphere project called Music Alliance Pact (MAP). It includes the participation of about 22 blogs from 22 different countries, each presenting up and coming artists from their own home turf. I first found out about it in the great "I Guess I'm Floating" and "The Pop Cop" blogs, who represent the US and Scotland respectively (you can keep tabs on the monthly editions of the project there).

Broken Records itself is an Edinburgh based seven-piece indie rock band. The band is currently working on its debut LP, after creating at least 18 beautiful songs (I guess the hard part would be deciding which songs to leave for the next album).

While I can try to characterize their music as rock, folk-rock, alt-country and many things in between, I'd rather just shut up and let the music speak for itself. When the crescendos thunder and crash on "Nearly Home", you'll understand why for yourself.

Check out Broken Records on MySpace and for more streamable tracks and gig info. Get an EP on iTunes and join the count down for the official release of the debut LP this summer.

Broken Records - Nearly Home {MP3}

Edit: Oops! The songs below, though good, aren't from the Edinburgh band but from a Swedish band by the same name. Thanks to the Pop Cop for correcting me. Check the Swedish group on its official site and MySpace for more details.
Broken Records - Betterman {MP3}
Broken Records - Anne {MP3}
Broken Records - Looking for the Dead {MP3}
Broken Records - Nearby Hills {MP3}


The Pop Cop said...

Hey dude, yhe other songs you've posted that aren't Nearly Home are by another band called Broken Records - not the Edinburgh one. Cheers, TPC.

Oded said...

Thanks for the correction :-)