Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Featured Artist(s): The Steps

Coming from one of the most creativity exploding cities in the US, Austin's indie rock band The Steps has a lot to draw on. Creating fast paced, crunchy and powerful songs, they reveal some of their Stooges vs. early rock-blues vs. Lou Reed influences (with some similarity to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club), but underneath it all it's all real.

Standout tracks in their debut LP The Steps like "Pull the Chord" or "Dagger" will hook you quickly in raw, fast, almost vintage quality rock, making you wonder for a second if this is still the 00's in America. It is. Somehow these four young men know how to rock.

Check out The Steps on MySpace, Facebook, their tour blog and on the coming SXSW Music Festival in Austin (March 19th). They will also be performing at Pangea (March 5th) and the Pecan Street Festival (May 2nd), both also in Austin.

The Steps - Pull the Chord {MP3} (from The Steps on iTunes)
The Steps - Dagger {MP3} (from The Steps on iTunes)

Bonus: The Steps - Dagger (video channel on Youtube)

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