Monday, February 09, 2009

Featured Artist(s): RuRu

Coming from what may be the pseudo town of Chadwell, Utah, Issac Russell, working under the moniker of RuRu, is a living breath of fresh air in a sometimes musty world.

I like to get hooked by music without realizing it; to hum along or suddenly find myself thinking about the lyrics and wonder their meaning and how do I relate to them (and them to me). I was definitely caught off guard in this case. After all this talk of truth and beauty in my studies, simple honesty can still speak louder and have a profound effect.

It's not just standout tracks like "House of Cards" and "Elizabeth"; it's in the unusual tracks like "Bark at Ghosts" or even "Story to Read" that a hidden potential for even much more is revealed. Though the vocal and overall style may be different (think of a young Ryan Adams), these made me think of an early Bright Eyes.

RuRu's debut album, Elizabeth, was produced by Joshua James and McKay Stevens and released on June 2008.

Check out RuRu on MySpace and for more streamable tracks, gig dates and updates. Buy his LP here or on iTunes.

RuRu - House of Cards {MP3} (from Elizabeth)
RuRu - Elizabeth {MP3} (from Elizabeth)

Bonus: RuRu Live video

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