Thursday, February 05, 2009

Song of the Morning: Lady of the Snowline

I've been thinking a lot about Willard Grant Conspiracy at late. I'm not sure why; maybe it's Robert Fisher's deep and weary voice (rightly compared to Cash and Cohen) or perhaps it's the haunting lyrics and melody of "Lady of the Snowline".

You see, the effect of a song isn't measured only by the direct impact it has on you while it's playing. Sometimes, it's in the quiet few seconds (if you're lucky enough to have some peace while listening to music) after the song has ended, that you feel the profound wake of it hitting you.

For that to happen, the song and those behind it, those who through them it is being brought into this world, must have substance, depth and character. Willard Grant Conspiracy has these in abundance. In a way, I feel honored just to listen and thus take part in that special musical experience.

Check out Willard Grant Conspiracy's website, MySpace and pages for more streamable tracks and updates. Buy their albums on Amazon and Loose Music.

Willard Grant Conspiracy - Lady of the Snowline {MP3} (from Let it Roll)
Willard Grant Conspiracy - Crush {MP3} (from Let it Roll)
Willard Grant Conspiracy - Dance With Me {MP3} (from Let it Roll)

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