Sunday, February 01, 2009

Featured Artist(s): Grapes of Grain

Grapes of Grain are an indie-pop/alt-country band from Utrecht, The Netherlands. While they draw their influences from the likes of Ryan Adams and R.E.M., I can also detect hints of Ben Folds in the air (in a good way).

In a busy, crazy day I'm having today, which bears a too close a similarity to Much ado About Nothing, I was glad to have found their calm, simple sound. I hope you enjoy as well.

Check out Grapes of Grain's official site, MySpace and pages for additional tracks and updates.

Grapes of Grain - Tar on the Streets {MP3} (from It Slowly Fades)
Grapes of Grain - The Biggest Ass {MP3} (from It Slowly Fades)
Grapes of Grain -Long Time Waiting {MP3} (from It Slowly Fades)

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