Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Something(s) to look forward to

Great news: I got un-fired! Thanks to some clandestine arm wrestling and a substantial pay cut, I got to keep my job. This is good considering the current economic conditions and whilst this job is far from perfect, it can serve as a haven in times like these.

These past few days are proving a bit disorienting as I find myself making plans and changing headings with the ebbing of the (economic) tides; on Sunday I got fired, on Monday I was given a chance and today I was finally saved. All in all, it has been a positive and invigorating experience, especially considering the results.

Additional good news come from two of my favorite artists. Amit Erez, the up and coming indie singer-songwriter, is set to begin work on a new record (finally!). Next, Julian Velard, now touring heavily across the UK, has recently launched a new video and continues to make an impact.

Check out Julian Velard on his amazing website, MySpace, Facebook (don't miss his Once upon a time in the West v-log videos) and last.fm. Be sure to check out his new video here. Buy his albums on Amazon, iTunes or CDBaby.
Check out Amit Erez on MySpace, last.fm and Facebook. Buy his albums on Amazon or iTunes.

This post's songs are in the spirit of the last few days and will be shared for a limited time only.
Julian Velard - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (Work to do) (from Nitetime) check on iTunes
Amit Erez - Clever and Strong (live) (from Amit Erez)

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