Saturday, February 07, 2009

Featured Artist(s): Overman

When I first heard the Chicago area indie rock/pop band Overman, I thought about Phish and how they might have started out. Overman seem to have that eternal youthful exuberance and enthusiasm (and plain old fun), keeping a sense of humor while touching on more serious and sometimes dark issues.

Like Phish, they seem to have an openness and an unmediated atmosphere about them, as though they weren't taking themselves too seriously. But checking their gig schedule (past, present and future) and browsing through their personal blogs made me feel they may be more serious about it than one would initially believe.

Interesting that their first 'hit', "Evolution Rocks", would be embraced by the pro-science community in the Evolution vs. "Creationism" debate. Perhaps the scientific community (including certain science teachers I've come to know over the years) is cooler than I thought. Overman Rocks.

Check out Overman on their multi content/media rich site, including lots of videos, gig dates (don't forget Darwin Day on February 12th), band comics (known as Overcomics), personal blogs and much more. Also check their MySpace for more details.

Overman - Move On {MP3} (from The Evolution EP)

Bonus: Overman - Evolution Rocks video (plus an opportunity to meet the guys)

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