Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Featured Artist(s): Tom Kerswill

It's back to work as usual; the salt mines will not mine themselves after all. So I wanted to go back to basics for a bit, trying to remember what music was there for me the last time I've had a major job related crisis.

His name is Tom Kerswill, an indie singer-songwriter based in Manchester, the UK. A few years back I discovered his music on MySpace and I think it helped me evolve my musical taste and repertoire, which was far more limited back then. Both of us have moved on since, and Tom's latest EP, Flowers, Fevers and Dreams, was released on October 2008 and is available for stream and download on

Tom's mellow and yet uplifting melodies joined with intelligent lyrics provide a welcome respite from the day's woes.

Check out Tom Kerswill on his website (including gigs and songs information and helpful tips for indie musicians), MySpace and pages for more updates. Buy his EPs here.

Tom Kerswill - My Mind's Eye {MP3}
Tom Kerswill - Gravity {MP3}
Tom Kerswill - Lullaby {MP3}
Tom Kerswill - Always Be There {MP3}

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