Sunday, February 22, 2009

Featured Artist(s): Claire Cronin

Claire Cronin is the love I've been waiting for all my life - yet on some other remote universe. I can see her walking the busy yet abandoned streets of Los Angeles, floating in her own world of magic, art and beauty. She knows pain and sadness, and when she sings or paints it you share it too, but are also somehow comforted.

For Claire knows the secrets of the Wolf Meditations and the life imbued Folk Magic and though she seems to walk in this world, she dreams of another; a better, gentler world.

In a way, she is like Cohen's Suzanne, leading you hand in hand through the rim connecting the worlds, on the vast reaches between Halloween night and those eerie first moments when you wake up from a dreamy sleep. Sharing the magic but subtly hinting that you have to love your own life, find your own path in it. Ultimately, you will never meet.

Check out Claire Cronin and her beautiful art on her website and MySpace for gig updates and a peek into a darker life. Buy her debut LP here.

Claire Cronin - Ballad for Old Decorations {MP3} (from New Emotional)
Claire Cronin - From the Wreathes on the Cars {MP3} (from New Emotional)
Claire Cronin - Poses Park {MP3} (from New Emotional)

This is a re-post due to some problems with the MP3s. Sorry.


milli said...

this is a wonderful blog, wonderful artiste! wonderful album!
yes! i have it, in part thanx to this blog and one at 'womenfolk', so all in all, wonderful! ;)*

Oded said...

Thanks so much for your comment - it made my day. I'm glad you've found Claire and I hope I'll be able to help find a few more great artists like her.