Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Song of the Morning: Mocking Bird

Songs have the ability to haunt us. Whether it is that particular jumpy (and sometimes embarrassing) pop tune that gets into your head (and feet) on a busy bus ride or the repeating crescendo waves of an emotional chorus, it grabs a hold of you.

Songs of the morning offer a special kind of haunting, as they seem to begin in your sleep and dreams. Perhaps driven by the mood of last night, they have a way of leaving their mark on the daily morning rituals.

But some songs can actually haunt you in a spooky way. If it's the lyrics, the melody, the voice whispering in your ears or all of the above, they make you think you need to keep that exorcist's number handy.

Perhaps I'm a little exaggerating; but Brisbane, Australia's singer-songwriter Nathan Hollywood debut LP Red Night Falling certainly has its dark, haunting moments. Hollywood creates an intense amalgam of country, folk, blues and pop, utilizing recording techniques of ages past.
On the right circumstances, it may make you want to take a dusk to dawn horse ride into the Australian bush.

Check out Nathan Hollywood's MySpace, last.fm and label pages for more tracks and updates. His debut CD Red Night Falling is also available on Amazon. The following MP3s will be available for a limited time only.

Nathan Hollywood - Mocking Bird {MP3} (from Red Night Falling)
Nathan Hollywood - Pale Mare {MP3} (from Red Night Falling)

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