Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Featured Artist(s): Finn Daniel

The raging and what seemed important at the time flurry of the elections yesterday has left an acrid taste in my mouth. Fortunately, I can turn to music for some comfort, inspiration and even, dare I say it, hope.

In particular, my recent acquaintance with a young British indie singer-songwriter by the name of Finn Daniel, played a significant role in alleviating some of my more sombre politics-induced (and depressive) moods. It also helped me re-appreciate the simple and honest things in my life, those which will be with me till the end of days.

Writing deeply personal songs that manage to reach out and touch people from miles away (or, for those lucky, from across the stage), Finn established his own label (Stickman Records) and released his debut EP Settle in 2008.

On the recent elections I followed my conscience, a simple and honest thing. On that note, I can just as easily recommend Finn's work.

Check out Finn Daniel on his personal website and MySpace for more tracks and updates. Buy his EP here.

Finn Daniel - If I Got Good {MP3} (from Settle)
Finn Daniel - An Occasion {MP3} (from Settle)

Bonus: Finn Daniel - Not All There video

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