Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Featured Artist(s): The Voom Blooms

The Voom Blooms create a fast paced, jumpy indie rock that's fun, even while covering some pretty dark topics. A Loughborough, UK band, it draws its influences from a variety of sources, including Kanye West, Interpol (only somehow lighter), The Smiths, The Libertines and what may count as an early Bright Eyes. Perhaps a more surprising effects are provided by the Beach Boys and Mogwai.

How do you compile all these and more and yet manage to create your own sound? It takes quite a bit of talent (of all sorts), hard work and what some may term 'luck'. I think a little self-confidence and inspiration can also help. How else would the band's name come to be born if not with a 3am dream?

With their debut EP Nine Ships launched the past summer, The Voom Blooms are preparing to take on the world, UK first. Whether they make it or not is unknown, but the journey looks promising and enjoyment is guaranteed.

Check out The Voom Blooms on their official site, MySpace for more songs and page for additional details.

The Voom Blooms - Nine Ships {MP3} (from Nine Ships)

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Stuart said...


I just discovered your post in my search for music by The Voom Blooms. They are excellent! Unfortunately I can't buy any of their music in the United States and since they broke up, who knows if it ever will be. Where did you get your copy of the album? Would you mind "sharing" it since there is no other way for me to get it?