Saturday, January 03, 2009

Featured Artist: Johnny Flynn

Being a folk singer-songwriter and an actor can be quite useful, especially when you perform in your own video clips. When you add being a poet to the mix, things can be quite complex.

Johnny Flynn seems to handle it all quite brilliantly. On the more recent videos you might think all he does is play and act, but it's enough to be in one of his live gigs or see his Black Cab session to know that he's for real.

In his official debut LP "A Larum", which was preceded by several EPs, Flynn manages to be true to himself and his music, delivering energetic and vibrant melodies and songs. The poetic element is also present, supporting the feeling that this is a soundtrack for a life's journey, an ongoing self-aware and joyous adventure. Citing Yeats and Shakespeare as influence may be a bit pretentious is most cases, but not in this one. Johnny Flynn may yet have a long way to go.

Check his pages (also under Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit), MySpace and personal site for updates, streamable songs and poetry.

Johnny Flynn - The Box (from A Larum)

Johnny Flynn - Brown Trout Blues (from A Larum)

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