Sunday, January 11, 2009

Featured Artist(s): These United States

Imagine a somewhat tired sounding, quite possibly a little drunk scoundrel singing in a band. Yet this man is politically and socially conscious, witty and smart in lyrics and with a haggard look that's been there and back. Actually, why imagine? Just give These United States a listen.

A Washington, DC group, These United States may best be described by their own words: "if words make you think a thought, and music makes you feel a feeling, then songs, at their best, can make you feel a thought. Or was it think a feeling? The point remains: there’s a synesthesia. There’s a light around the bend – or is it a haystack in a tunnel? Jump in."

You heard the man, give 'em a listen.

These United States has additional details including tour dates in their official site, MySpace, page and blog. Below are a couple of tracks from their Daytrotter performance.

These United States - West Won {MP3} (Live on Daytrotter, originally from Crimes)
These United States - Burn This Bridge {MP3} (Live on Daytrotter, originally from A Picture of the Three of Us at the Gate to the Garden of Eden)

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