Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Featured Artist(s): Side by Side

It's dark and quiet. You're floating in an endless space without form, softly lighted by countless points of starry light. But this space is also time and somehow it's also music. As you effortlessly glide along, you slowly realize you're dreaming, and lazily make your way towards consciousness, smiling.

The twin brothers Joseph and Mike Pepe from Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, create such dreamy atmospheric music under the moniker of Side by Side. Listening to their debut LP Morning is an emotional journey, mirroring the experiences and feelings they had during the year of its production.

The brothers hope that sharing their work on the LP will help evolve people's musical tastes through their honesty and pure emotion. This is done best, I think, by playing the record in a quiet, dark and secluded place, where you can feel free to let go of the day's burdens and let yourself float to the music.

"Hello new day, are you the cure for me?" is how "Disappear" opens. By this point in the LP, you should be well on your way for full remission.

Check out Side by Side's official site and MySpace for more details and updates (a last.fm page is forthcoming and should not be confused with the current entry there). Joey (Joseph) also has a music blog of his own.

Side by Side - Disappear {MP3} (from Morning)
Side by Side - No Reason {MP3} (from Morning)


Smansmith said...

Nice, Side by Side is making the blogging circles lately - interesting stuff. Still trying to grasp the complete album, it is a bit of a journey, I agree. Good for them for getting it out there.


Oded said...

Thanks. I agree with you - it is a kind of a journey to take and I'm very happy for these guys for their work and music.