Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Song of the Morning: Chelsea Hotel No. 2

My angioma (picture) has been actively kind enough to remind me of its existence these past few days, so I went to bed early last night. However, I didn't find a lot of peace there either. I tossed and turned all night dreaming I was criss-crossing New York City, looking for Broadway, convinced that I was going to see the Golden Globes ceremony there (probably still under the influence of the last post). It was only later in the dream that I'd remembered that the ceremony took place in Beverly Hills, at which time I was quite exhausted.

I did take one small souvenir from my nightly trip to NYC though. I woke up with Rufus Wainwright's rendition of "Chelsea Hotel No. 2" (originally by Leonard Cohen) playing in my head. So, as the song goes, "Well never mind, we are ugly but we have the music."And now you have the music, too.

Rufus Wainwright - Chelsea Hotel No. 2 (a Leonard Cohen cover)

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