Sunday, January 25, 2009

Featured Artist(s): The Flying Black Hats

I've sprained my back somehow last night, probably because of the rain-less chill that descended on the city. I didn't really plan to go to work this morning, but somehow I've found myself there again, staring with renewed agony at the computer screen. I needed something to calm my overworked nerves, lest I snap at someone one or two times too many.

Fortunately, I've stumbled upon this charming duo called The Flying Black Hats. While their online stuff wasn't new and featured recordings from 2003, it still had the desired effect of putting a smile to my face. And that's no simple undertaking on any day.

Check out The Flying Black Hats on their MySpace and pages for more details and tracks.

The Flying Black Hats - Love Song {MP3}
The Flying Black Hats - Brains {MP3}
The Flying Black Hats - Soft Song {MP3}


Whiff said...

Thropplenoggin & I are delighted to have made the acquaintance of these gossamer-light songs.

Thanks for enlightening us re. their existence.

Oded said...

Thanks for visiting. I'm really glad I've found The Flying Black Hats as well.

Anonymous said...

These guys have been at the top of my list for years. They just keep recording great tunes without attitude and with a sly, winking brown eye. They are handsome and talented and it is anybody's guess as to why they aren't bigger than Los Lonely Boys or Kelly Clarkson. Folkies be pimps too! Keep up the good work, Oded. You have a fantastic ear for the extaordinary.