Thursday, January 08, 2009

A New Look: Color Bars

As you can see, I've upgraded the blog's template and looks. This took longer than I expected because the new intuitive blogger HTML template, and in particular the ability to add links and buttons, was not so intuitive (at least not for me). After more than an hour of frustration, though, I was able to find the rather helpful post in a forum "have you tried using the Java/HTML text widget?". Of course I haven't. I sometimes amaze myself on how I'm trying to do things the hard way when they are almost a click away...

Anyway, the new design is not complete and is still a work in progress. Also, this post will not, I hope, come instead of the one I intend to write tomorrow. The problem with "Song of the Morning" posts though is that I don't plan them in advance as they are completely dependent on how I wake up the next day. That's also what I like about them.

I'd preferred sharing this post's song, but I'd rather not start this new template with (another) legal mail from blogger. Besides, seeing Elliott alive instead of just hearing him has its benefits. The song is a favorite of mine and has some lines which under a certain interpretation may be related to the recent change I've made:

"But I'll be connecting everything
The traffic in my town
Riding high again,
High on the sound".

Thanks, everyone.

Elliott Smith - Color bars (from the beautiful Figure 8)


Smansmith said...

Like the new look, makes me want to mess around with the old WordPress template a bit myself!

jacker said...

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