Thursday, January 22, 2009

Featured Artist(s): The Haunted Mansions

Obviously inspired by the likes of Animal Collective, Beirut and possibly the Dodos and Band of Horses to name a few, The Haunted Mansions (formerly known as Greenlandic Blaque) still manage to create a sound of their own. A North-West American band, some of its members also dabble in video animation (see group member Seth Nicholas' YouTube channel here).

It should be interesting to follow the group's path and work, in animation and music, and watch their artistic distinctiveness forming.

Check out The Haunted Mansions on their MySpace and Facebook pages for further details and their page (where they are still called Greenlandic Blaque) for more tracks.

The Haunted Mansions - Don't Let Your Arms Get Tired {MP3}
The Haunted Mansions - Oyster Bay, December 26th {MP3}
The Haunted Mansions - Watch Out Birds {MP3}

Bonus - Kate, a short film by Seth Nicholas Johnson about adolescent infatuation and the joy of playing music with animal friends. Music by The Haunted Mansions.

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