Sunday, January 18, 2009

Featured Artist(s): State Shirt

My indie paper is due back any day now. I admit, I've been feeling a little apprehensive about receiving it, especially after the professor sent a general e-mail about further instructions on how to write the paper (obviously, after I have already submitted it). Still, I know I did my best.

I've learnt a lot during the making of the paper, that dealt with today's indie music as a form of open source activity. Both are very general and broad terms, which makes it hard to make a decent comparison and analogy. However, both also embody a special creative, resourceful, open and collaborative spirit. The focus is not just on working with your peers and fellow artists, but with your audience and your fans, creating the music together and forging a unique bond between artist, musical piece and listener.

One of these artists is Ethan Tufts, working under the moniker of State Shirt. I ran into his site quite by accident, and a happy accident it is. His works are sometimes deceptively simple in structure, sometimes more complex, generating what is sometimes known as 'folktronica', other times as experimental rock. The view: an American road trip you've never experienced, shadowed in some parts, desperate in others, but always hopeful.

Check out State Shirt on his official site for details on work progress for his next album and your role in it (download songs, remix them and upload them back), personal blog, the store and other treats. Also check his MySpace and pages for more details and great tracks.

State Shirt - Fell Out of the Sky {MP3} (from This is Old)
State Shirt - Time to Go {MP3} (from This is Old)
State Shirt - This is Old {MP3} (from This is Old)

Bonus: State Shirt - Fell Out of the Sky Video (the song was inspired by a flight disaster)

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