Sunday, April 19, 2009

Two Bicycles, One Love

I remember her eyes, big and grey. I thought they were always questioning me, measuring and sizing me up (or maybe it was just me). Not cold, but somehow distant; deep to dive in, with a strange twinkle that would leave me puzzled late at night - what does she mean? What did she mean to me?

The breadth between the Love that Is and the Love that Is Not can be very thin, lined with the smoky haze of broken hearts. British Columbia, Canada's Jamison Dick, working under the moniker of Two Bicycles, knows this well. Perhaps more importantly, he'll make you feel and recall what was, what could have been and what remains.

With the help of a few friends and a huge amount of talent, Two Bicycles has crafted a number of beautiful and personal EPs and a debut LP, An Attempt to be Lonely.

Check out Two Bicycles on MySpace, tumblr, Facebook and the 61 for more tracks and updates. The new album, An Attempt to be Lonely, is out and I have no idea how to get it (legally). Help, please?

Two Bicycles - Love Is {MP3}
Two Bicycles - Love Is Not {MP3}


Smansmith said...

Thanks for the heads up! Vancouver is not soo far from me, hopefully he swings through Calgary soon!!

Thanks O.


Oded said...

Thank you. Expect some news on that front soon...