Saturday, April 11, 2009

Leonard Cohen to the Rescue

It is no secret I love the forests, though from my perspective, given where I live, it's like the Inuit who loves the boiling desert. So when I got the opportunity to explore vast and timeless forests, massive trees with strange and numerous animals lurking about, I got sucked right in. Yes, I confess; in the usual tardiness of fashion I've succumbed to World of Warcraft. That is why I didn't post anything yesterday and why I woke up so early today. I got hooked.

But not all is lost. I received Leonard Cohen's fabulous album live performance in London the other day, and it has a magnetic pull on me that is equivalent to all the magic potions and copper coins I may care to collect on WoW. In fact, rumors of Cohen's eventual arrival to a show here have strangely broken the elvish hold in favor of an even older and venerable charmer. Leonard Cohen, count me in!

For a bit of that woodsy atmosphere, here's a beautiful instrumental piece by the Sleeping Tree (, music is art guest post).

The Sleeping Tree - Second Leaf (from Leaves and Roots) {MP3}

p.s. - If you happen to pass by a night elf priestess scurrying about in all sort of quests in the next few days, say hello. It might be me.

A glimpse of Leonard Cohen performing in Athens, 2008 {Video}

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