Thursday, April 09, 2009

Entertainment for the Braindead, a Life Saver

I'm writing this post from behind the churning curtain of a splitting headache, probably the result of too little drinking water and too much falling asleep with the iPod's uncomfortable headphones stuck in my ears. Whilst it's a very nice experience having The Tallest Man on Earth and Bright Eyes singing you to sleep, this kind of effect in the morning after leaves much to be desired. And quietly so.

So when I stumbled upon Entertainment for the Braindead, I knew I was heading in the right direction. Not only my hammering and fuzzy mind would be properly addressed, it would also get a calm, quiet and yet subtly invigorating music it so craves. At my current state, Cologne, Germany's Julia Kotowski, working under this moniker, was exactly what the doctor would have prescribed.

Check out Entertainment for the Braindead on her website, MySpace and for additional tracks and gigs info (Germany). Some of her recordings are available on her site here.

Entertainment for the Braindead - Colours {MP3} (from Hydrophobia)
Entertainment for the Braindead - Resolutions {MP3} (from Hydrophobia)
Entertainment for the Braindead - Prologue {MP3} (from Hydrophobia)
Entertainment for the Braindead - Run! {MP3} (from Hydrophobia)

On other news, I wrote my first contributer post on the wonderful Music is Art. This is a huge honor for me and I hope I'll be able to actually contribute something of my own there. This will also mean I'll have to devise some sort of a work plan to coordinate my efforts on these two blogs - I have no intention to stop writing this one or reduce its update frequency. I'll figure something out.

As a start up bonus, here's a video I was unable to share there (due to my limited Wordpress experience) and that features a beautiful instrumental version of a new song by Amit Erez from his coming album. Enjoy.

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