Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Magic Arm's Messy Pop

"I'm literally trying to write pop music but it never comes out that way. There's always a dark edge to it." With this rather curious and revealing statement, Magic Arm's Marc Rigelsford proceeds to create his own blend of electronics, folk, pop and rock.

But the poppy, sometimes chaotic exterior never really covers the darkish and troubled person beneath, occasionally displayed. Take his cover of "The Ballad of Melody Nelson", a Serge Gainsbourg classic which has now become a regular in his live show, for example.

Check out Magic Arm on his website and MySpace for additional tracks and gigs updates. Magic Arm's debut LP, Make Lists, Do Something, is due to be released on May 18th. Till then, get the Widths and Heights EP here.

Magic Arm - The Ballad of Melody Nelson {MP3} (from Widths and Heights)

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