Monday, April 20, 2009

We Are The Underground

A lone man walks the dark, rain washed streets. Huddled in a long trench coat, he walks steadily onwards, determined. His sullen footsteps occasionally drop hints of a fractured life, repression and shadowy existence. These are but echoes now as he walks on.

A woman follows. And another man. And another. The streets are silently filling with hurrying individuals, forming subtly into a great mass, moving as one towards their goal.

The power of the mob, mesmerizing and terrifying, speaks loudly from the throat of the disenchanted person who works (or worked?) under the moniker of We Are The Underground . Is this a real person or could this be some government black project exploring a lonely bureaucrat's childhood dream of rock and rebellion?

Check out the cryptic We Are The Underground on MySpace and for a few more scraps of info and tracks.

We Are The Underground - The Start of Something {MP3}
We Are The Underground - We Are The Underground {MP3}

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