Thursday, April 30, 2009

Archivist, Poison and Life

Sometimes it's not just the poppy laced melodies or rich literary depth that can be found in an artist's work that hooks you on your first few listens. Sometimes, the way the artist describe himself/herself on the bio section adds a few more dimensions to the sound.

This is the case, for me, with Montreal, Canada's Archivist (not to be confused with the mysterious The Archivist blogged here before). The lead man of the group, Ben McCarthy, aided by some talented friends (from The Dears, Pony Up, Sunset Rubdown and Land of Talk), has been creating some sort of unique and tantalizing indie pop/alternative sound. This, like the bio brief on the band's MySpace, may leave you wondering and thinking, trying to re-read and re-listen. Primarily the result of initial bedroom folk recording, Archivist is more than that now; these archives need to be explored.

Check out Archivist on MySpace for more tracks and interesting blog entries. Their debut LP, Learning to Live on Poison, is slated to be released on June 2nd.

Archivist - Sunday Morning {MP3} (from Learning to Live on Poison)
Archivist - Jagwagger {MP3} (from Learning to Live on Poison)
Archivist - Pop Litany {MP3} (from Learning to Live on Poison)


Anonymous said...

ahem, there is no sunset rubdown connection.

Anonymous said...

Here are a list of the contributers from the Archivist press release in Canada: The Dears (Murray Lightburn), Pony Up (Lisa J. Smith, Sarah Moundroukas), Sunset Rubdown (Camilla Wynne Ingr), Land Of Talk (Christopher McCarron) Birdsacrosswater (Nic Lefebvre), and Spoon River (Jason Kent).