Wednesday, April 29, 2009

You, Of the Red Sea

Self recrimination can sometimes be based on an objective rather than subjective truth. Sometimes you are more responsible for your condition than you'd previously have liked to admit. A small degree of comfort can be attained, though, by finding songs that help you realize "You do it to yourself". The next few steps are up to you.

In the meantime though, take comfort in Newcastle, Australia's Of the Red Sea, a fast paced indie rock band with guitar riffs that bring back long lost memories and an overall sensation of urgency mixed with caring.

Check out Of the Red Sea on their official site, MySpace, and Facebook for gig updates and more tracks. Their EPs can be bought on iTunes or on their site.

Of the Red Sea - Escalators {MP3} (from the new Of the Red Sea EP)
Of the Red Sea - Pulling Teeth {MP3} (from Verona)

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