Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Song of the Morning: Never Love Again

My first impression, still echoing today after dozens of plays, is of a cross between 18th century drunken British sailors and Fleet Foxes. I admit, I'm over taken by Cherbourg, a London based folk-rock band (formerly known as ‘Davie Fiddle and the Lucky Egg’ ).

Their brilliant debut EP, Last Chapter of Dreaming, coming out this February, is nothing short of a masterpiece. It includes four songs, all rotating around the affairs of the broken heart, unafraid to feel and admit the pain, but like some pub rock of old, you don't get completely depressed. Instead, you take refuge with your friends from the stormy cold night in a warm pub for a round of pints, recovering your strength, basking by the music overflowing it all.

Love can hurt, but after listening to this EP you'll be ready to try again (though it will never feel like the first time).

Checkout Cherbourg on MySpace, Facebook and last.fm for more tracks and gig updates. Buy the EP on their MySpace or on Rough Trade.

* Edit: Their great second EP is covered here.

Cherbourg - Never Love Again {MP3} (from Last Chapter of Dreaming)

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Nick said...

Thanks for the track. A great band, they're playing in London soooon: