Monday, March 16, 2009

Featured Artist(s): Pree

I must admit I was a bit slow getting into the indie folk band Pree. I'm not sure why; I was also slow getting into Joanna Newsom and Devendra Banhart and now I can't imagine my life without them.

What finally caught my ear was "Lack of Fight", a charming piece filled with folk-pop and alternative hooks, shimmering with inner light. I think I just needed to tune myself for their unique sound - because now I can't seem to stop.

A Washington, DC based group, Pree's debut EP, A Chopping Block, is due out on March 23rd.

Check out Pree on MySpace for gig updates and more tracks.

Pree - In the Parlor {MP3} (from A Chopping Block)
Pree - Lack of Fight {MP3} (from A Chopping Block)

Bonus: Pree - Heaven is a Drag (live)

AON Sessions: Pree, "Heaven Is A Drag" from All Our Noise on Vimeo.

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L said...

thanks - excellent band. Hope they record more.