Monday, March 02, 2009

Featured Artist(s): Deepspace

What's in a name? A great deal if you're taking Brisbane, Australia based Mirko Ruckels' moniker, Deepspace, as an example. Creating what can be described as other worldly ambient electronic music, it's actually feels like a voyage, not just in and with sound, but also through distinct landscapes and sights as well.

On tracks such as "Subantarctic Phenomena" you'll be willing to swear you're wading through endless reaches of snowy white, shivering with the passing wind and marveling at the surrounding silence. On other tracks, such as "Euphandemonium", you'll be a lone passenger in a deep space exploration mission, just you and the unfathomable blackness outside, your sense of wonder being filled to the brim with the sight of stars and planets passing by.

It is this feeling of wonder, beauty and calmness that transcends this music. Have patience; you need only close your eyes and listen, for the deep.

Check out Deepspace on his website, MySpace and for more tracks and info. Get his albums on CD Baby, eMusic and iTunes.

Deepspace - Subantarctic Phenomena {MP3}
Deepspace - Arctic Sun and Weather Experiment {MP3}
Deepspace - Euphandemonium {MP3} (from The Barometric Sea)
Deepspace - Leaving the Hub {MP3} (from The Barometric Sea)

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