Sunday, March 22, 2009

Amanda's Obsession

Does beauty merely hide the pain underneath or are they both somehow coupled together into something of an even greater impact? Listening to Toronto, Canada's indie singer Amanda Zelina, I'm strongly leaning towards the latter.

Sometimes important clues to the artist's inner workings can be found in her life's personal story. This may be such a case. Amanda's debut LP, Love Me till I'm Me Again, coming out soon, has been under intense work for over 2 years and on some rather unusual circumstances filled with upheaval, depths of depression and mountains of joy and hope. But, we may ask, would the resulting beauty be as it is without the pains of bringing it about?

Check out Amanda Zelina on her website, MySpace and pages for updates and the rest of her debut album - in video!

Amanda Zelina - Obsessed {MP3} (from Love Me till I'm Me Again)

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