Friday, March 20, 2009

Beyond the Rim with Flowers of Hell

Space opera is not for the faint of heart nor the impatient. Its paths may lead through chaos, crashing cacophony and discord, only to emerge triumphant with resolve and peace brought on by sorrow and wisdom. Thus in the great space between Sigur Rós, Nico Muhly and others, travels Flowers of Hell, an international group composing and performing all over the globe.

But Flowers of Hell is not just a 16 piece space rock opera orchestra (though I could have sworn I heard a Vorlon on "Forest of Noise", the third track in their new album). They're also unique musical collaborators with groups like My Bloody Valentine and utilize the latest technology to record and mix online. Sounds like the beginning of a modern day space opera all by itself...

Check out Flowers of Hell on their official site and Myspace for updates on gigs and streamable tracks. Their new CD, Come Hell Or High Water, launches April 6th.

Flowers of Hell - Bluemschen {MP3} (from
Come Hell Or High Water)