Sunday, March 29, 2009

The North Sea Stream

The waves crash ashore, a car beeps on the street; you pause and look, then move on. Life seems like some eternal flow of things, thoughts and feelings, a soundtrack of existence. In such a flow of sounds reminiscent of the works of Michael Brook and Brian Eno, super busy man Brad Rose, under the moniker of The North Sea, weaves his own stream of consciousness.

Originally folk oriented, The North Sea is continually evolving, currently dealing with experimental and ambient phases of music. In addition, Rose founded and edits an indie label and an online experimental music journal that reaches to the ends of the world (and sound) called Foxy Digitalis.

Check out the North Sea on MySpace for additional tracks and updates. Grab the online edition of Foxy Digitalis for the latest on experimental music across the world.

The North Sea - Ferns Pressed In Paper {MP3}
The North Sea - Embroidered Copper {MP3}


Smansmith said...

The North Sea create beautiful soundscapes, a must have. Thanks for the reminder!!


Oded said...

Thanks, I'm just glad to have found him as well.

Anonymous said...

Fucking amazing. Beautiful stuff. When was this released? Do The North Sea have an album?

Oded said...

I'm about to explore these issues and more in a coming special interview with the man himself. Stay tuned!