Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Featured Artist(s): All of us/None of us

All of us/None of us are an indie rock band from the American west coast (L.A. and San Francisco) that promises to live up to its name* of musical commitment with genuine rock spirit flecked with blues and alternative motifs.

With an already critically acclaimed debut LP, Lucky Robot, under their belts, the band recently published its second EP, Arcane and Abel (also available on iTunes).

Check out All of us/None of us on MySpace and their official site for more streamable tracks and updates.

All of us/None of us - Watcha Gonna Do? {MP3} (from Arcane and Abel)
All of us/None of us - Excess {MP3} (from Arcane and Abel)

* The band's name also strikes a chord with certain moral dilemmas being debated all around the world, specifically the individual-society/state relationships and how one is bound and responsible for the other. I won't get into it in great detail right now; suffice it to say it has life and death repercussions as well as personal ones. Interestingly, it's also the name of an organization that deals with prisoners and former prisoners' rights, probably inspired by a quote from a Bertold Brecht poem: "Comrade, only slaves can free you. Everything or nothing. All of us or none".

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