Monday, March 23, 2009

It's All About the Love: Charlotte & Magon

They say there is no force on earth so powerful as love; a fifth element to bind all things together and break all barriers apart. So they say. That little voice inside my head that tells me I'm not the best person I can possibly be also whispers rumors of love being a lie, a mere set of convenience, lust and reproduction driven behavior, while all we seek is self approval and denial, an unrequited mirroring indulgence.

But I should know better than to listen to little voices that dwell in the dark recesses of the brain, usually swimming in their own acid filled pools of sarcasm. I know otherwise.

Take Charlotte & Magon's story, for example: meeting for the first time in an airport after two years of web interaction, coming from two different cultures (she's French, he's an Israeli) and joined together by a musical project. The result is love made manifest in an album and music as well as in an enduring relationship.

It's a gray sky-piercing, hope-giving ray of light for some of us.

Check out Charlotte & Magon on their website (for a full stream of the album), MySpace and for updates and info. Their debut album, Love Happening, is available on Amazon and iTunes.

Charlotte & Magon - Mon Amante {MP3} (from Love Happening)
Charlotte & Magon - Nine Cloud {MP3} (from Love Happening)

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