Sunday, March 01, 2009

Featured Artist(s): Norfolk & Western

This week is not starting out too well for me so far. I've been getting a weird feeling, a mix between "there's something I've forgotten" and "I'm not supposed to be here" which is a bit disturbing.

Fortunately, thanks to the rain enveloped atmosphere and Portland, Oregon's Norfolk & Western, I can afford a little down time. It's all I need right now: mellow lyrics to allow some depression but inspiring and complex enough melodies to keep me from sinking beyond reach. As each song I listen to becomes more complex, more difficult, more layered, so will I, eventually, find my way back. But for now, play on.

Check out Norfolk & Western on MySpace, and their under construction site for more tracks and updates.

Norfolk & Western - Impossible {MP3} (from Dusk in Cold Parlours)
Norfolk & Western - The Longest Stare {MP3} (from The Unsung Colony)

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