Saturday, March 21, 2009

Electric Black Blues

Proclaiming themselves "the most punk rock country-blues chamber orchestra on earth", NYC's Electric Black set their sights very high. What can you possibly expect from a collection of musicians led by a man who resembles the even darker twin of Side-show Bob (sorry, I couldn't resist)?

Well, nothing, until you hear their first song. Then you begin to realize that their claim of artistic lineage coming from Howlin’ Wolf and Charles Bukowski, to name just two of the alleged progenitors, may not be without ground. The sound is very blues based, but its elements of alternative, rock and creepiness (is that a genre?), mingled with a dash of Tom Waits' spirit, make it more than that. When you hear that singed voice, you know it's for real.

“I wanted to create an album that honestly told the story of human struggle, from the grandiose to the day-to-day. An album that struck a chord with the core of the human spirit, an album that could endure,”
says front man Johnny B. It's certainly a remarkable piece of work.

Check out Electric Black on MySpace and their site for streamable tracks and updates. Their official debut performance is on March 26th at Bowery Electric, NYC. If you're in the area, check it out; it promises to be an intriguing event.
Electric Black's debut LP, Electric Black, is due out this May (iTunes).

Electric Black - So it Goes {MP3) (from Electric Black)
Electric Black - Our Love is Smoking {MP3} (from Electric Black)

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