Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lemonwilde's Dark L.A.

I was privileged enough to have been contacted by Luke Martinez of Lemonwilde the other day to listen to their debut EP, Red Room. This part of the "job" is still very exciting for me: I usually look for new thrilling artists but sometimes they come to me.

Lemonwilde started in Los Angeles in 2007, and if you listen closely you'll be able to recognize the city through their music, or at least a dark, haunting and haunted version of it (some of the songs also have a sort of a Gotham feel to them). I can't really describe the music in words, it needs to be experienced and felt. But this unique mixture of rock, jazz, blues, alternative and a host of other genres of music (and other forms of art, by the look of their website), is truly remarkable in effect.

"Do you need to run?", asks the chorus in "Nondeterministic Automation", the closing song in their EP. Run, run - and get the EP (and go to their impressive gigs).

Check out Lemonwilde on their official site and MySpace for streamable tracks and gig updates.

Lemonwilde's picture is from an L.A. Cityzine article.

Lemonwilde - Just This Ashtray {MP3} (from Red Room)
Lemonwile - Inspired Painter {MP3} (from Red Room)


Jimmy (knows music) said...

Loving the tunes!!!
Finally some good original shit

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness great band. are they at the festivals this summer?