Friday, March 13, 2009

"... And the Truth Shall Set You Free"

"If I knew how to write happy songs that rang true, I guess I would do that. But it‘s that truth I look for, more so even than the beauty. And the darker things get me there. There‘s a kind of clarity that comes after the sadness, or comes with it sometimes. It‘s a mixed feeling: you‘ve hit rock bottom and yet it feels like your feet are finally on solid ground. I strive for that clarity in my songs and in probing for it I tend to get the sadness instead, or hopefully sometimes both".

I've been looking for an artist who's looking for the truth for a long time; some claim to have found it in religion or love, others accuse certain people of hiding the truth or lying, but I think it's rare that an artist signifies the search for the truth so plainly. Its importance is so great, that even beauty, form or style, stand second to it.

So when I read the interview with Flowers from the man who shot your cousin (quite a moniker for a truth seeker) and listened to his songs, I knew I got lucky. Like a wandering holy man, Morgan Caris is traveling between Canada, France and The US, continuing his work on his dark folk music. Spread the word, the truth can't be far now.

Check out Flowers from the man who shot your cousin his website, and MySpace for a world of content and beautiful tracks. Buy his Hapless LP and EPs here.

Flowers from the man who shot your cousin - Lay Down Your Arms (from Hapless)
Flowers from the man who shot your cousin - No Home (from a wonderful Hinah Session)

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