Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cherbourg's Sounds of Music

Attention music lovers: Cherbourg's second EP, Into the Dark, is about to be released on June 1st and is available for pre-order here. Listening to it, I can just say that this London, UK indie folk-rock band is destined for greatness. The band's first EP, Last Chapter of Dreaming, (covered here) was simply amazing and still totally blows me away. The second one continues the first in some ways but also turns into new directions, with a similar end result: a great EP that moves you and evokes feelings and thoughts best shared.

Obviously, I had to try and grab an interview:
Q. Cherbourg is composed of 4 unique members. Can you tell us a little about the group and its inner workings?

A. Well, I guess, we just try to be as open as possible to everyone in the band's suggestions and when it comes to making music it really is a full band process. We all come from pretty different musical backgrounds and that really helps to keeps the songs interesting but really we just try to compliment the songs in the best way possible.

Q. What inspires you to create and make music?

A. Everything really. I don't think any of us could put it down to a single band or an author or a person. I think that our inspiration lies all over the place and is very individual to each member of the band. I was watching the Sound Of Music yesterday and felt really inspired the whole way through. That film is amazing!

Q. Both Last Chapter of Dreaming and Into The Dark feature a kind of a dark and gloomy spirit about them. Is that your "niche" in the music world or are you trying to deliver a specific message?

A. I guess they both are dark in many ways. I also think that there is a lot of optimism in the songs as well. I just think that our songs are very honest and I don't think were afraid of confronting dark topics or bleak feelings but i believe our music is also very uplifting, if you want it to be.

Q. Starting out as an indie band in a world filled with bands can be very hard (but also a lot fun, if you're with the right people). What's your approach? Do you consider yourself a part of the British folk revival movement, if such a thing exists?

A. I don't really consider Cherbourg as part of a "folk revival movement". I think a movement kind of implies that that all the bands have a message and share the same message which i don't think is true. Our approach is just to enjoy it! We're just happy to play music and enjoy and respect the bands that play and write music for the right reasons.

To support the new EP, Cherbourg is doing a very extensive tour of England and Scotland. Here are some of the tour dates (must see):
May, 23 2009 10:00 PM - Mothers Ruin , Bristol
May, 24 2009 10:00 PM - Unit, Southampton
May, 25 2009 10:00 PM - The Cellar, Portsmouth
May, 27 2009 10:00 PM - Oakford Social, Reading
May, 29 2009 10:00 PM - John Kennedy Introducing @ Watershed, Wimbledon
May, 30 2009 10:00 PM - Escobar, Wakefield
June, 1 2009 10:00 PM - The Lamp, Hull
June, 2 2009 10:00 PM - The Basement, York
June, 3 2009 10:00 PM - Royal Park Cellers, Leeds
June, 4 2009 10:00 PM - The Royal, Derby
June, 5 2009 10:00 PM - Museum Courture Cafe, Manchester
June, 6 2009 10:00 PM - The End Bar, Newcastle
June, 7 2009 10:00 PM - Captains Rest, Glasgow
June, 8 2009 10:00 PM - Sneaky Petes, Edinburgh
June, 10 2009 10:00 PM - Korova, Aberdeen
June, 11 2009 10:00 PM - Roxy, Ulverston
June, 12 2009 10:00 PM - Mad Ferret, Preston
June, 13 2009 09:00 PM - Goldney Ball, Bristol
June, 14 2009 09:00 PM - Jericho Tavern, Oxford
July, 4 2009 08:00 PM - Blissfields Festival, Hampshire
July, 10 2009 05:00 PM - Lounge On The Farm Festival (10th - 12th ), Canterbury

Listen to Cherbourg on their official site, MySpace, Facebook and for more tracks and gig updates. Follow them on twitter here. Buy the EPs on iTunes, Rawrip, or Rough Trade.

Bonus: Cherbourg - Man (Live, from the new EP Into the Dark) {Video}

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