Sunday, May 17, 2009

Whatever Happened to The Joint Conspiracy?

Does evolution apply to the music industry? Can one say an artist evolved from his predecessors in the genetic sense or is there more to it? If I were to say that The Joint Conspiracy, a Southend, Sussex indie rock band, was the musical cousin of Kings of Leon, would that make any sense?

Wielding similar energies and hooks, both in gigs and recorded songs, The Joint Conspiracy creates a mix of updated old style rock, reverberating with a hidden sly smile and occasionally tapped depths.

With little web activity in the last year, I just hope The Joint Conspiracy isn't an evolutionary dead end. Considering the promised potential evident in its online material, that would be a pity. Where have you gone?

Listen to The Joint Conspiracy on their official site, MySpace and Their debut EP, Left at the Lights, is available for free download on

The Joint Conspiracy - Tomorrow {MP3} (from Left at the Lights)
The Joint Conspiracy - Where Have We Gone? {MP3} (from Left at the Lights)

1 comment:

the Joint Conspiracy said...

We working on new songs and hope to have something recorded and be playing live in a couple of months.

Watch this space!!!